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10 Ways to Make Money On Social Media! (Easy and Proven)

Make money on social media

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10 Ways to Make Money On Social Media! (Easy and Proven)

The marketers have a hunters’ instinct when it comes to following people, and the marketing dollars sleepwalk to them. Even in its infancy, social media inserted a firm footing in the marketing industry and helped people turn their hobbies into businesses, and flourished the already established ones. With such prolific results, many marketers invested huge sums of money in digital advertising instead of television advertising. The digitally revolutionized era has ushered people into an online lifestyle. One that calls people to stay connected via the threads of social networks 24/7.  With the attached threads, it has become possible to make money on social media.

Social Media Is Now A Great Platform To Make Money Online

The marketers have an unquenchable thirst of finding new ways of advertising. The growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms has grabbed their attention. It is a safe bet to say that the ever-rising graph of active social media users indeed proves this medium to be a great source to earn money online. For instance, a recent survey showed that around 60% of the total population of UK comprises of active Facebook users.

make money on social media

The graph represents a four-years data about the number of active Facebook users in the UK belonging to various age groups. (Source: LiveSeySolar)

The statistics given above not only testify the presence of the people active online. Rather, it bolsters up the marketers to stage their resources over there, luring in people and promoting their businesses. The shift from the conventional marketing techniques to the digital ones is undoubtedly a huge leap. It presents immense opportunities for those interested in creating more pockets of revenue and make money on social media. Only last year, the total investments made on Facebook ads was around $27 billion. If a market spends one ten thousand of $27 billion, the total market is still worth $2.7 million. Indeed, the statistics show how accruing it is to develop a business based on social media.

How To Make Money On Social Media

To fight the day-to-day drudgery of, although reliable, but an unfulfilling job, it is better to find those social networking sites that pay money. In order to search for a job that is both satisfying and profitable, I am presenting here some methods and strategies to help the entrepreneurs earn money by leveraging only one thing- Social Media.

1. Promote An E-Commerce Business With Look-Alike Ads

The look-alike ads are more engaging, enabling effective communication between the marketers and the audience. They are similar to the ad vehicle offered by Facebook that makes use of machine learning to identify your target audience. The look-alike ads open up a window between the e-commerce entrepreneurs and the potential customers. The social networks, such as Facebook, effortlessly match the e-commerce store owners with the ideal customers at a relatively low cost per click, helping e-commerce entrepreneurs to generate quick sales. There is no need of developing marketing personas or complex go-to-market strategies. Rather, such entrepreneurs simply turn towards social media for advertising purpose. You can avail this opportunity and get paid for sharing ads on your social networks. With a combination of compelling products and look-alike ads to grow customers, e-commerce creates millions! Such a painless way to make money on social media.

2. Become Pro At Instagram Story

Instagram has outpaced other social media platforms and offers a great medium to connect with the target audience members. But crafting an engaging content is a challenging task. By getting a grip over Instagram Stories, you can provide brands invaluable advice and tips on how to fashion a compelling content that the followers will be hooked to.

There are various Instagram analytics tools that you can employ. They will help you determine the kind of content that the followers are interested in, and the ways by which it gives competition to your client’s rivals.

Another way to leverage Instagram is to open up an Online Instagram Shop. If you have items that people will find attractive and worth buying, you can set up your own shop by connecting your account to the service Inselly.

3. Helping Hand In Managing Social Media Account

Companies have a plethora of things and issues to look after. They are in desperate need of people or tools to sweep off their mess and clear the desk. With so much to do, running social media account is an additional responsibility which they cannot ignore. You can avail this opportunity to make money using social media by assisting such companies in managing their social media accounts. Rush to the search engines and look for ‘Social media’ on job boards and make money on social media.

4. Move Up Products And Services For Businesses

You can monetize the huge amount of following by sharing sponsored posts that push up the products and services of others. It is a great way to get paid to advertise on social media, but there are certain ground rules to follow.

First of all, you should have a huge following, and secondly, you have to make sure you are not going overboard with the promotions. If you are constantly posting about several products, people will be badgered which will result in unfollowing you.

To handle such discrepancies, it is wise to give proper time to draw an appropriate social media posting schedule, so you provide your followers will quality products as well as variety. Embed call to action strategy, again don’t go too far with it. The feedback will also help you identify your target audience and select the products that align with their interests.

This is called ‘affiliate marketing’ and is fruitful if you succeeded in gaining considerable trust of your viewers. The word-of-mouth referrals is an efficacious way. With each purchase of the product, you can earn a commission.

make money on social media

5. Showcase Your Writing Skills

Recent years have seen many successful people emerge through the social media platforms. This offers an immense opportunity to the wordsmiths. In case of a funny side or if you have your way with words, give it a shot to make money on social media.

Apart from the witticism, you can share your thoughts over certain issue or topic and engage in intellectual conversations that will gain you followers. Moreover, you can go a step ahead by even fashioning up short stories for an upstart to your career. The range of social media sites that pay you for posting is endless. Thus your writing skills leveraged for social media posts are sure to pay you back.

6. Be An Editor Or Copywriter For Social Media Content

With excellent editing skills, you can easily get paid for social media posts having impressive content. The wordsmiths have won over the social media since businesses are in search of great content. The platforms present the chance to make your way to the hearts of clients who then hire you. With diligence and quality work, you can win yourself loyal clients who will pay you accordingly. Undoubtedly, the editors have primarily been successful to make money on social media.

7. Build A YouTube Channel

YouTube is another remunerative way. Some people post funny clips and videos on YouTube and make an earning by running ads on their YouTube channel.

You can leverage YouTube by joining a partner program. It is a viable option for those who find the construction of a popular YouTube channel laborious. However, like all the above methods you need to have a massive audience who can view and click the ads.

8. Dust Off Your Vocal Chords And Demonstrate Your Musical Abilities On SoundCloud

Soundcloud is revered by the music geeks and so is the perfect place to get your music noticed. Pause that sarcastic laugh right there! I didn’t mean it is the accomplishment of the dream of becoming a rock star. Rather, just a bit of catchy jingles suffice to attract the clients. Try taking a head start with creating music for commercials, ads, radios, etc.

9. Earn With The Click Of Your Camera

For those of you have a knack for photography, you can use it to make people pay you. Take photos and put them up on sites such as Flickr and sell your posted photos. Get your photos licensed under Creative Commons. It won’t net you on any money and will expose your photographs to a much wider audience.

10. Penetrate The World Of Generation Z On Social Media

The Generation Z members are overly obsessed with social media. With the brands in search of ways to connect to this generation of consumers, people who can bridge this chasm and enter the world of Generation Z will end up with burgeoning and lucrative contracts with eminent organizations.

Social media entrepreneurs can earn in millions. To become one, you first have to master the aspects of social media marketing that resonates with the goals of prominent brands. Once you learn how to make money posting ads on social media, it will be relatively easy to catch up companies interested in building compelling social media presence that links up brands with prospects.


These are just a few of the methods you can exploit to make money on social media. There is a multitude of sites that can pave the way to millions for you.

Things to bear in mind are, it is not easy to top the social media networks, and neither is it a one night’s game. You have to have an entrepreneur’s spirit to put up with the delays and difficulties. With this strength, your chances of winning outweigh of those who just want to try their luck!

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