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20 Ways To Make Quick Money Online – Tips for 2016

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20 Ways To Make Quick Money Online – Tips for 2016

A few years back, when people used to search for ways to make money online, they mostly confronted frauds and scams as not many resources helped people work from home. However, the situation has completely taken a 360 spin and individuals with little talent prefer to work from home rather than go outside and be a part of the recession. So technically speaking, it is no more difficult to know how to make money online.

How To Make Money Online 2016

 Swag Bucks

There are a number of ways which can be utilized to see how to make money online 2015. They are:

  • Playing games
  • Completing surveys
  • Cash back with online shopping
  • Micro-tasks
  • Search engine utilization
  • Polls

Stop Using Google

Did you know Bing pays you to use it instead of Google? You need to just sign up and get rewards for everyday search that you do. The rewards can be redeemed for Amazon gifts and much more. Exciting to know how to make money online 2015 through Bing, isn’t it?

Download An App

Smart Panel is a new app that pays you $5 for each sign-up and collects anonymous data from your smartphone. The reward gets multiplied for each month that you kept it installed in your phone.

Fill In Surveys

Ipsos i-Say is a unique app which allows you to complete surveys. You get rewards in the form of points which can be cashed out through PayPal. Sign in on their website and you will automatically get a link to their app.

Watch Videos

What if you get money for every video you watch? Inbox Dollars gives you money for every video that you watch on their site. It won’t earn you a living but is definitely a catch if you love to watch videos.


This works in a way that you visit their site, click a link to your favorite online shopping store which are over 1200 including Walmart, Kohls, Target, etc. and simply buy what you want. They get paid for the referral and you get paid a percentage of the money.

Book Scouter

Book Scouter is a website and an app. You need to visit the thrift shops or garage sales where there are hundreds of books available for less than $1. You can buy from there and then resell it for much higher prices on sites like eBay or Amazon.

Scan Your Groceries

National Consumer Panel (NCP) pays you for every scan of your grocery purchases through your smartphone app. They use this data to analyze which products to improve and to provide the feedback to manufacturers and retailers.

Free Trials

Project Payday pays you for free trials and is completely legit. Companies pay for these trials to convert testers into customers and then loyal clients. This is how to make money online 2015.

User Testing

User Testing is an innovative way to earn money online in 2015. You need to sign up, download their software on successful membership and start making money by reviewing apps and sites.

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