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Making Money Online: The 8 Best Online Typing Jobs (With No Fee)!

Online Typing Jobs

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Making Money Online: The 8 Best Online Typing Jobs (With No Fee)!

In these modern times. You don’t need to go out and earn money because there are various ways of earning money online. Today, I am going to discuss the 8 best online typing jobs which you can do from home without paying any fee.

This is the age of the internet, where everyone is connected to each other virtually. Before the internet, people had only one way of earning. That was to go out and earn. But as the internet came, it revolutionized everything. Now you can sit at home and make money online.

Online Earning Sources

If you doubt my words then have a look around, there are many people who are earning and making money by working online. The internet has provided us with many platforms through which we can earn. For example, you could earn from YouTube, all you need to do is open up a YouTube channel and upload creative and original content that would appeal to the viewers which will then get you many subscribers resulting in making money online.

Besides this, there also are several other online work from home jobs without fees which you can do. You could start a virtual school where you could teach on Skype and people will pay you for that. Like I said above, there are several ways to earn online, and typing is one of the easiest and quickest way to do it.

Do What You Love

Whether you work from your office or your home, you need to understand one thing. Always do what you love. A person who types for a living can only be successful if he/she types with passion and dedication. Because typing may seem very tiring and tedious to people, who aren’t into it. That is why, if you decide to become an online writer, then make sure that you are in love with writing. Because it may get a bit dry at times.

The internet is filled with online typing jobs that you can do while sitting at home. The best thing about them is that you can do these online typing jobs without investment. All you need to do is find the right people and start working for them. But, beware! The internet is a place where you don’t get to meet anyone physically. So it is crucial that you work for reliable and trusted people because many scams on the internet will make you work for them. At the end of the month, when its pay-day, they will disappear like they never existed.

Who Can Opt For Online Typing Jobs?

online typing jobs

You don’t necessarily need to be in any writing-related field to do online typing jobs. All you need is a good vocabulary and strong command of the English language. People who are fond of reading books for pleasure can start writing because, by reading, they know how to portray their ideas in a specific manner that will appeal to the reader. So, if you are a fan of reading books or blogs related to any niche, then do think of writing.

Why Should You Do An Online Typing Job?

Why shouldn’t you? It is by far one of the easiest jobs out there that you can do while you sit at home in your comfort zone. And write about the stuff that you like the best. There are many benefits of doing on online typing job.

  • Work from home
  • No investment
  • Wide area to choose from
  • No experience required
  • No special equipment required
  • Improves your overall writing skills
  • Keep you updated with the current vocabulary.

Writing Isn’t A Piece Of Cake

Writing isn’t just a thing that anyone can do. There are specific skills that every writer must possess. For almost all home based typing jobs, companies tend to favor those writers who have prior writing experience. But do not let that disappoint you. There are many other companies as well who pay you on your skills rather than on your experience. Hence, there is a very good chance that you will be recruited by a company that hires beginners. But you should also keep in mind that your initial stipend might be very low.

Skills You Require To Upgrade Your Typing

If you have been typing for some time and you think that your earnings aren’t as much as they should be, then below I have mentioned a few skills which you should develop and improve, if you want your paychecks to have a couple of extra zeroes.

1. Accurate And Fast Typing

I know that this is obvious, but it is better to start from the very basics. In order to increase your payments, you need to type fast. Some companies even offer you with the word per minute rate. Therefore it is crucial to type fast. Typing fast doesn’t necessarily mean that you type nonsense. Your typing should be meaningful.

2. Good Listening Skills

Typing doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only focus on writing. You should also be a good listener, especially when you are transcribing audio files.

3. Impeccable Grammar, Punctuation And Spelling Skills

Few writing jobs are highly paid but they also demand the very best write-ups from you. Your write-ups should have flawless grammar, accurate spellings, and perfect punctuation. Only then you will be offered high-paying writing jobs.

4. Basic Computer Knowledge

As I said above, you need to know a few other things as well besides writing. When you are working from home, companies expect from you the basic knowledge of Excel and Power Point along with the fundamentals of Adobe. So that you can add content to images and troubleshoot various technical issues that you may encounter while typing.

After briefly describing you all the requirements of a good writer let us move to the pivotal part of our article. Here we list the 8 best online typing jobs that internet has to offer.

8 Best Online Typing Jobs You Can Do Without Fee

There are many typing jobs online without fees that we see on the internet, and here I have mentioned the 8 best which you usually see on the internet.

1. Micro Jobs

This is perhaps the easiest online typing job, where you can work from home. Here you are given hundreds of tasks. They are relatively easy. Once you appear on the radar and become a part of any crowdsourcing website. You can then log in to your own account and easily see all the tasks which are available there.

You can also choose from any of the given tasks according to your choice and complete them. The commission for every task will vary as it mostly depends on the word count of the task.

You overall earning depends on various factors like your typing speed, your area of expertise and also completing the job before the deadline.

2. Online Survey Job

It is a way for corporations to obtain the feedback for all their services and products. Why do they need the feedback? So that they can know what the customer reaction is. And how can they improve their services accordingly.

online survey jobs

Such corporations take the assistance of market research form more commonly known as online survey companies. They are very efficient in their field as they give the very precise details about the consumers to these MNCs.

You can join an online survey company and get paid just for completing surveys on a daily basis. There are many online survey sites that will pay you for your surveys. Google them out and get started.

3. Captcha Entry Jobs

There are many companies out there you can work as a captcha entry worker and make easy money. They pay you $1 to 2$ for an hour in which you have to type and solve captcha images which are online. All CAPTCHA images that consist of either 1 or 2 words. All you need to do is identify all the characters and then enter them in the box. The box is given below, and you just have to press the submit button.

4. Transcription

Transcription has been around for quite some time. These days, the most famous is general and legal transcription. If you think that your typing speed is very fast that is 60 words per minute along with good hearing skills and command on the English language with accurate grammar, spelling and proper punctuation, then transcription is a perfect job for you.

However, when we talk about medical transcription, it requires specific skills, dedicated training, and widespread work experience. It is better what you work on site at least for a couple of years and gain a little experience. Only then you should consider working from home.

The extra skills that you gain over time will help you in your professional life. It can also make your job much easier. If you know how to operate any software that helps you in transcriptions, then it can assist you in completing your given task much faster.

5. Freelancing

Like I have said above, writing isn’t for everyone. But if you have a knack for writing, then freelancing is a popular choice of writers these days. There are many websites, like, that provide a platform where the writers can meet their clients. There you will find many typing jobs online from home for free. It means that you don’t need to work in any office for freelancing.

You could take tasks from different clients. They usually are private clients who are running their own business websites, like blogging, greeting card sites and content mills.  If you are good at writing for websites, then it would be a smart choice to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

6. Forum Posting

If we talk about the level of earning, then it can be said that forum posting isn’t as profitable as other online typing jobs. If you are into forum posting, then you don’t need any special skill or work experience. All you need is to write a compelling and engaging post that is informative. It should have perfect grammar and correct spellings then your forum posting can be highly rewarding.

There are several forums which you can join and also get paid for posting there. If you are interested in forum posting, then read the basics and start today.

7. Online Consultancy

Online consultancy is also referred to as internet guide. The internet advisors are the people who are industry-specific experts  providing you with online advice for all your inquiries. It is just like a Google search engine, but with a more human touch.

online consultancy

For starting an online consultancy business, you need to have a minimum experience of 2 years in the relative field. Along with this, you should also have a good command on the English language with good spelling and grammar, fast typing skills with a resilient attitude.

8. Website Testers

Lastly, you have internet website testers. This is by far the easiest of all online typing jobs from home. What you need to do is test and review websites according to their functionally and user-friendliness. Just 10 to 20 minutes are required to test a website. Then you will have to answer a few questions. All you need is a good internet connect connection and clear typing that delivers your opinion without any ambiguity.


So there you have the best online typing jobs that you can do from home and get paid for. If you think that you have all the skills of a good writer, then give any of these jobs a try. Who knows maybe you were meant to write, rather than what you are doing right now.

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