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How To Make Money Blogging Online? (10 Easy And Simple Ways)

How To Make Money Blogging Online

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How To Make Money Blogging Online? (10 Easy And Simple Ways)

If you wish to make money blogging online, you will need to have your own blog. Blogging gives you an opportunity to offer information or to write something that you like. It also provides you an opportunity to make money out of it. So, there are many ways to monetize your blog, and today we will share 10 easy & simple ideas and tell you how to make money blogging online.

How To Make Money Blogging Online

If you think that blogging is difficult, then you are wrong. It just needs your attention and effort continuously. So, without wasting anytime time, we should move forward. If you have a blog, then scroll down and read 10 ways to monetize your blog.  If you do not have a blog then do not worry, we will tell you how to make money online in a few simple steps.

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How To Create A Blog And Earn Money

Making a blog is not tricky as crossing a mountain. It is a smooth ship journey if you follow these three steps. We are describing how to start a blog and make money online.

Step 1 is to choose the blogging platform

By blogging platform, we meant Content Management System (CMS) where you can control all your background activities on your website or blog. There are many CMS, but is the best among all. We are using on this blog and recommend the same to you.

Step 2 is to get a domain and a hosting

We have two suggestions for your domain and hosting. One is HostGator, and another one is BlueHost. The performance and pricing are similar so you can choose any of the two.

Step 3 is related to the configuration of your blog

After getting your domain and hosting, you are required to install WordPress, which is quite easy through control panels of BlueHost and HostGator. You can watch many tutorials available on YouTube and learn how to do it.

The support staff is available 24/7. For the first time, the usage of WordPress may look uneasy but believe us it is super easy to use. You will understand all the settings and procedure. You only need to use it for some time.

So these are the simple three steps to make a blog. However, there is a fourth step too. In this step, you have to keep creating and writing some useful stuff continuously. Once you set up everything, you need to work properly to grow your audience.

How To Make Money Blogging Online

Now let’s back to our main topic, and that is how to make money blogging online through 10 different and easy methods.

These are the 10 methods if you want to know how to blog and make money in listicle order, we describe them after the list.

  • Advertising Program
  • Join Affiliation Program
  • Offer Ad Space To Brands
  • Publish And Review Products
  • Create Your Online Store
  • Blog For Others
  • Ask Your Visitors To Donate
  • Consulting Services
  • Services
  • Sell Your Blog

1. Advertising Program

You can join many advertising programs. However, Google AdSense is the best and most popular among them. We are not naming others, not only because Google pays us but we think this is the best advertising program and we are using it on this blog.

So, we are choosing for you, what we chose for us. It is quite easy to set up your blogging for money. You can configure different advertisement on it, such as video ads, image ads, and pay per click text. If you have a large number of readers and visitors, then you make a good amount of money through Google AdSense.

2. Join Affiliation Program

In this method, you sign up for affiliation with some company and become their affiliate partners. Amazon Associates is the most popular among all. Most of the online shopping websites offer this affiliation program. In this method, you put their ads on your website or promote them through your content.

Basically, you get a commission from them. Suppose, if someone comes on your site and he or she sees the ad of Amazon on your site and end up buying that particular item on their website within a particular span of time then Amazon will pay you a commission for it.

Note: The user must go to Amazon from your site, so Amazon may know where the user is come from. If you are a host, then Amazon will pay you a commission for it.

3. Offer Ad Space To Brands

This should be your ultimate goal of advertising where brands approach you to put their product or service ad on your blog. How will it happen? You need to have a massive audience; the brands will take it as a great opportunity to sell their product or service on your blog.

4. Publish And Review Products

Once you have a great number of audience. Brands will not only approach you to put their ads on your blog. They will ask you to write about them and their products. For that purpose, they will pay you a hefty amount. Now that amount depends on a number of views and share of your posts.

However, there is a setback in it; you cannot just praise the product. Remember, you know how to start a blog and get paid, but you have to be honest with your review because your readers will not like it if you are dishonest with them just for making money. So, remain honest with your audience is the key here.

5. Create Your Online Store

Once the readers and visitors start liking your blog. You can make your blog as a brand. If your blog is not related to online shopping, then do not worry. You can make a new category on your blog and sell your products.

Also, there are many websites that allow bloggers to make their online store. You can sell products and make money out of it. Three of the famous websites for making your online store are Printfection, Zazzle, and CafePress.

6. Blog For Others

Now you know how to make money blogging online, and the concept is blogging yourself on your blog. However, what about blogging for others? If you can write well, then you can become a professional blogger where you can write articles for others blog and earn from them. You can search for paid blogging jobs. The price can vary, go for the best ones and for long-term jobs.

7. Ask Your Visitors To Donate

No one donates unless and until he or she finds something very useful and informative out of your blog. Even after that, no one will donate a penny. However, you can place a donate button on your blog; we never know when someone feels generous and donate generously to your blog.

8. Consulting Services

If you wish to know how to make money blogging online, then this is one of the better ways to earn hefty amount. A true fact is that many bloggers and even companies who are running multiple or big brands are confused about this game.

Some of the bloggers are ready to pay thousands of dollars to understand this game and get the best out of it. You have to become the best and expert in your specific niche and then offer your consulting services on your blog and then create awareness about it.

It is easy to provide consulting services if you are getting results on your own blog(s). Nowadays, people easily invest if they get results, they do not believe in just theories or strategies. So, if you are getting results on your blog then tell people how to make money blogging online, and they will trust you and approach for your consulting services.

9. Services

Providing consultancy is just one of the many services you can give to your readers. The services can start by consulting and coaching, writing, copywriting, training, designing, or other freelancing services.

10. Sell Your Blog

We hope that you do not need to make money through this method. However, you can even sell your blog to make money. If you have one blog, then we do not recommend you to sell it unless and until the amount is worth more than selling amount and your blog is not meeting your expectations.

But suppose, if you have more than one blog, and you are getting a large amount for your blog then you can think about selling it and making a lot of money. You can start another blog, so it is not a big deal.

What Is Direct And Indirect Income From Blogging?

We talked about how to make money blogging online methods, but there is more to know about it. Yes, you can make money on your blog but there are some bloggers who earn directly through their blog, but there are some who earn indirectly through their blog.

So What Is Direct Income In Blogging?

The direct income is that money you earn directly from your blog through Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing. The more traffic on your blog, the more money you will make.

As your blog traffic grows, you can sell advertising place on your blog for different brands products as well.

Now, What Is Indirect Income?

Once you become that big as a blogger, people will look for you as a public speaker and consultant. After reaching that stage, you sell your services as a consultant and speaker. You can do paid webinars and create events for blogger. These income streams are not directly from your blog, but because of your blog. So this is called indirect income through your blog.

Many bloggers prefer to earn more and more through direct blogging once they know how to make money blogging online. However, you can set your dreams and aim high and go for a combination of both direct and indirect income.

In The End

Time to conclude this article; so we told you how to make money blogging online. We shared 10 easy and simple ways with you. However, there are many other methods as well, but we recommend you to execute these 10 methods first.

We hope you liked our article and found it informative. You can go and check other online money making ideas on our blog. We will keep sharing new and authentic ideas of how to earn money through internet. So, do not forget to bookmark our blog and do not shy to share this article with others as well.

The last thing, if you have any blog and you have been utilizing any method of making money through your blog then must share it in the comment box, so it can be useful for our readers as well who wants to know how to make money blogging online. If you do not have a blog yet, then what are you waiting for? Go and make one. Good Luck!

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