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How To Make Money On Instagram By Posting Your Selfies

How To Make Money On Instagram By Posting Your Selfies

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How To Make Money On Instagram By Posting Your Selfies

There’s a vivid chance you may have seen the news surround the top fashion writers who earn more than $15000 only for posting their selfies while sponsoring products on Instagram. That sounds fascinating only when you have a million followers. The question is, how to make money on Instagram? However, you still have options. Stylinity is an app which allows its users to earn money when their selfie is clicked by someone to buy the item. Let’s have a closer look at it.

The Stylinity Story

The founder of the app Tadd Spering observed a woman at a store who was there for costume shopping. She put on the dress, took a selfie and shared it instantly for an opinion. There and then, an idea came to his mind that why not use the idea of opinion sharing for the purposes for earning money? This app lets people share their photos from around the world and the main aim is one, to facilitate and reward people for sharing the product and style recommendation.

How does Stylinity make money?

The app lets people make money in two ways: share your style with the help of a shoppable photo and shop other photos on Stylinity or if you see it on the social platform. When you share a photo of your personal style, be it décor or fashion, and tag the product, you can earn cash if you were able to inspire someone to buy. With just one touch, the picture can be shared socially while the looks remain totally shoppable. In this way, the reach becomes optimized and social influence helps in making the most out of it.

How much can you earn?

The options are unlimited and it all depends on the activity of the user, the size of the followers list and the aspirational and inspirational quality of the pictures. The commissions vary from category to category and brand to brand and can range up to 20% for special products. The contests and promotions let earn even more.

The payment method

The rewards are divided in the form of Style Perks points which can be redeemed for cash almost four times a year.

How to sign-up?

The app is free and quite easy to sign up. With no restrictions, you will need to register on and a $10 sign-up bonus will be awaiting for you.

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