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How To Make Money On LinkedIn? Best Ways To Earn More Online!

Make money on LinkedIn

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How To Make Money On LinkedIn? Best Ways To Earn More Online!

Making money on social media has been the point of attention among the masses. Everyone is passionate to adapt this online medium to earn extra cash. We know that we can earn on Facebook, we can make money on YouTube, but can we make money on LinkedIn? This is the question we are going to answer in this article.

Make Money On LinkedIn – The Truth Behind Earning On LinkedIn

Make Money On LinkedIn

The social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are tools to have fun and stay connected with people you want in your internet world. On the other hand, you must hear about LinkedIn, and we are sure that you must have your profile on it.

Before coming to our point about how to make money on LinkedIn, you must need to know more about this platform.

So, What Is This ‘LinkedIn’?

It has been here since 2003 and 467 million users, 106 million monthly active users, and there are 1.5 million groups on it. LinkedIn is available in 24 different languages, and its offices are located in 30 various cities around the world. LinkedIn has more than 10,000 employees.

It is entirely different from other social networking sites. LinkedIn focuses solely on professional and business networking. The network does not sound a bit exciting at all because it is not for uploading your party images or dog filters of Snapchat.

The Different Ball Game

However, there is a game here; it can be profitable and useful for you if you dig a bit more. It is not as big as Facebook, but the users here are more powerful than on any other platforms. The members on LinkedIn are decision makers. Executives of all Fortune 500 companies in 2016 use this platform.

In simple words, every successful person uses LinkedIn, and they are there with a business mind which allows you to get better-paying employment opportunities or to get potential customers.

The Reason You Are Here

Can I earn money from LinkedIn is a common question these days especially among the LinkedIn users. So can you make money on LinkedIn in reality? People have thousands of queries about the platform, but this one is a most frequent question among them. In one word, the answer is No!

Yes, you read it correctly, you cannot make money on LinkedIn, but you can make money through LinkedIn in many ways. It is a great tool to generate earning in various ways. There are many blog posts and content on the internet where you read about writing content for the company, creating a good profile, and generate traffic on your site, so we will not dive into that part.

However, if you wish to make money on LinkedIn then you need to learn about email list growth, products selling, services offering, sales increase, advertisers hunt, affiliate products promotion, and most of all getting your dream job through LinkedIn.

So, if you need to know how to earn money in LinkedIn, then this is your guide. Scroll down and learn more.

7 Ways Of Increasing Your Product Sales Through LinkedIn

It is an excellent way to make money on LinkedIn. It is an exceptional place to market your own products. We are going to tell you seven ways of accelerating your product demand and sales through LinkedIn. How to get people on your sales page and sales funnel.

  1. Write a piece of excellent content. Make training videos, reports, white papers, and e-books as well. They are all remarkable ways to attract your potential customers on your sales page. You can share your link to your landing page or squeeze page with LinkedIn groups and connections.
  2. You can send invites to people and conduct a webinar. The webinars offer valuable and free education. They allow you to promote your product and share with your LinkedIn groups and connections.
  3. Do you want to know how to make money with LinkedIn connections? Simple. You can offer a slight discount, and everyone loves to save. For that, you can offer a special discount codes or coupons for your product and then share them with LinkedIn groups and connections.
  4. You should add your company’s new product on LinkedIn profile under projects sections. The publication and projects section are the only places on your profile where you can share the direct link to your site with your LinkedIn groups and connections.
  5. Utilize that promotion section on your groups with members who are ideal purchasers of your goods.
  6. Find and then connect with the influential people on LinkedIn which are working in your niche and inquire them if they are willing to compose a piece of review for your product or interested in product affiliation. You should find people with the massive amount of recommendations and endorsement as they would likely your potential connection that others also look up and trust their advice.
  7. You need to find that group on LinkedIn of products that are similar to your product. Suppose you cannot join it, then at least you will see a member of that group that is already on your network. Approach them and find whether they are drawn in your product or not.

3 Ways Of Promoting Your Affiliate Products

If you are doing affiliate marketing to earn online and you can write good reviews, then these are some methods that you should consider on LinkedIn to promote and to raise your sales on affiliate marketing.

  1. You can share review posts of yours on affiliate marketing as answers to appropriate questions in the group. Suppose someone wants to choose WordPress theme for his blog and you already have a piece of content where you have compared various premium themes of WordPress with the affiliate links then you would not get a better chance than this to execute your LinkedIn affiliate program, so share that post with your connections. If the group does not allow to share a link, then you can also message privately to group connections.
  2. Having your own group on LinkedIn is a great thing. Do not forget to email them privately about your new reviews on the blog or any other thing that might raise their interest. Such as product launches, discount codes, and limited offers.
  3. If you do not have publications on your LinkedIn profiles, then you can utilize this section on LinkedIn and link your affiliate products review there.

Offer Your Services

Social media maven, freelance writers, and various service providers should use LinkedIn. They need to find companies who require service providers like you in following ways. First, you need to connect with them in order to offer them your services.

  1. You should optimize LinkedIn profile so that people can discover you if they are interested in hiring you. You can add your service focus keywords like a freelance writer, SEO consultant, etc. on your profile, current job, past job, skills, summary, and other appropriate things. It will help people in finding your profile through LinkedIn search.
  2. Adding your skills on the LinkedIn profile is an essential. People can endorse you quickly for that and recruiters may find you on skills page of LinkedIn.
  3. You should utilize the section of services on your company’s LinkedIn page. You can make a list of your company services. Do not forget to take advantage of page features like banner images that will direct to your site, video testimonials, contact, and service descriptions to target particular customers.
  4. Describe your customer (interest, industry, etc.) and then join similar groups where you can find those type of customers. Like online shopping groups for people who wish to promote the online product. So sharing the group means that potential customers can contact you without needing a premium membership.
  5. However, if you do not keep patience for the messages of potential customers to contact you, then content them yourself whenever they inquire a lead-in queries or questions. You make a page for your company, and someone comment to ask you about how to make a LinkedIn company page then reply them publicly and tell them about the basic steps in your answer. After that, message them privately and let them identify that you are also offering this service.
  6. Join complimentary service providing groups. They are not your competitors directly, and the people in the groups might even ask for your help. For instance, the SEO would need to make infographics, and thus he wants a graphic designer. The freelance writers may require proofreaders to go through their new e-book. Develop a relationship with these members of the LinkedIn group, and you will come on their radar if they ever want to retake your help.

4 Ways To Grow Your Email List

If you want to make money on LinkedIn, then you should know that all the money is on the email list. No matter if you are selling your services, products, or affiliate products? By following the below methods, you can make your LinkedIn mailing list.

  1. Make a group on LinkedIn about a relevant and interesting topic. Then you can email the new members of the group by using a welcome template once every week. You can also develop your mailing with the help of announcement and welcome emails about webinars, contest giveaways, and autoresponders to add your members to the list.
  2. If you cannot move people from group to your email list, then do not forget to copy the important mail send each week to your list (if applicable) then paste it on a weekly announcement mail to your group.
  3. Do not be shy about adding your LinkedIn connections on your email list. LinkedIn does not provide a choice to export information of the contact. So, add them without minding anything.
  4. Add your giveaway (white paper, report, and e-book, etc) on your publications portion of the LinkedIn profile. People will click there, and they will be redirected on company’s squeeze page.

Sell Digital Or Physical Products

Do you sell digital or physical products? You can follow these tips to increase your sales and make money on LinkedIn.

  1. You should take advantage of products section present on your company page of LinkedIn. Make products listing and utilize features like banners. If they click on it, they can direct to your landing page. Make an explainer video or a YouTube commercial and add the contact details.
  2. Add a commercial, explainer video, or presentation as media element on your LinkedIn profile. You must ensure that your media has the power to call to action.
  3. Encourage people heartily to write a suggestion or recommendation about your product by adding up the recommendation button on your company’s page. It will boost your product credibility, and people will show confidence in buying your product.
  4. Involved with people in discussions on groups with members who are your potential customers. You should reply on their post privately or publicly according to the post; it can lead directly towards a sale. If your contribution is useful in groups, then people would not think that you are giving a sale pitch.

Increase Your Book Sales

If you have e-books or Kindle books on your site for sale, then we are sharing some methods to boost your book sales and to make money on LinkedIn.

  1. Inform your contact about your book. You are able to send an inbox to your contacts one by one (we recommend this) or you can also send messages to 50 people all at once. You can also ask people if they want to ask you a question. It will help in increasing the chances that people will likely to write about your book and yourself.
  2. You can also add e-books and books on your profile publication section. The finest thing you can do is to include your links to e-books on your site or Kindle books on Amazon. So, people will click through their to buy them.
  3. You can also join a LinkedIn group similar to your book topic. Keep your eye on the discussion and avail the right moment to mention or share your book. If you do not want people to list you in spammers, then you can also message privately to all the people who put the questions on the group about the book topic similar to yours.
  4. Make a video of your book. Upload it on YouTube and ultimately add that video on your LinkedIn summary.
  5. Write a post about the book on your blog. Do not forget to add the share button for LinkedIn on that blog and then share that post on LinkedIn profile through that share button. If your LinkedIn shared post gets a huge number of shares then make this known to the business development team of LinkedIn, you would have the possibility to feature on LinkedIn Today.
  6. Make an ad campaign but before that describe your ideal audience for the book.

Utilize The Advertising On LinkedIn

You will definitely increase your sales and income from the above and subsequent methods if you invest some money on your LinkedIn advertising.

  1. Offer a free giveaway and make a LinkedIn ad for it. You can target the potential audience to get their attention. For instance, if you have written a book on Facebook Advertising Techniques then create titles for your ads like ‘Facebook Advertising Ideas For Social Media’ directing the viewers on your squeeze page will increase your conversion rate.
  2. Aimed your target customers through demographics. Tempt them in signing up and getting a free introduction; it will increase your conversion. Alternatively, offer a discount for a limited period that customers cannot refuse to accept.
  3. Another way is to make an ad aimed on your target customer demographic for your product. You can add a coupon code and achieved the specific result, or you can also offer a demo to get their click, and that may result in purchasing a product ultimately.
  4. Create campaign through LinkedIn and target the companies that require services you are offering. You can write a copy of yours in it and inform the employer about the benefits of hiring you.
  5. However, this is unfortunate that you cannot initiate a marketing campaign for your affiliated products as per the terms and conditions of LinkedIn. Yes, it is tempting but prevents doing this. You can overcome this issue by offering an autoresponder course for free. You can advertise a free course for developing a WordPress site for 10 days. Now you can add the themes, tools, training course, e-books, and affiliate products in it.
  6. Make an ad and target companies where you want to work. Let them inform you, your skills, and that you are available.

Find Sponsors And Direct Advertisers Through These 3 Methods

If you are offering sponsorship chances for organization events or ad on your site, the LinkedIn platform is great for finding the candidates.

  1. You can look for ads appearing on your LinkedIn footer, sidebar, and on other sections throughout the site. This business may also look for ads on sites or want to sponsor the events for the audience.
  2. Use a LinkedIn search engine to explore potential sponsors and advertisers. You can filter the result by location, company size, industry size, and other desired results.
  3. You can find the people to connect on the organization page by keeping your eyes employees exist on LinkedIn. It there is a company on a small scale, you can look for their contact details. If your search is not working, then you have to put some money on premium account. You have to invest some money to make money on LinkedIn. After acquiring it, you can avail the option for advanced search and InMails.

Make Them Hire You

If you do not have your business, then you do not need to worry about it. You can make money on LinkedIn by securing a great job; it can be your dream job. How to get hired? Find now.

  1. Suppose if you want to do a content writing job, then make your profile appropriate according to standards of content writers, such as adding appropriate skills and previous publications. Wow them through your summary by expressing your experience and passion about writing. You can add your portfolio, articles links, and other good content in publication section.
  2. If you have got endorsements for your skills from your colleagues related to your job you wish to get, then move endorsements below summary section of yours. It is a great idea if you do not have good experience of a job, recommendations, or education.
  3. You can also invest in getting a LinkedIn premium account. Your application will come on the top for employers finding employees. You will also get a premium icon, that icon will stand out your profile. The advanced search option in the LinkedIn premium account will enable you to search a job on a specific salary.
  4. If you wish to get hired by your dream company, then you must follow their page and participate on their LinkedIn activities. If that company has a particular group then find them, join them, participate in it. Remain up to date with their careers button on their LinkedIn company’s page for vacancies. You can also keep your eye on job section of the group.
  5. Professionally stalk the influential individuals. Those people must be decision makers in their company, go to their company’s page, click the first and second level connections of that page. Then stalk their LinkedIn profiles to know about their joined groups. Join some of those groups and begin to participate in it.
  6. Join the groups of recruiters and show your expertise and skills in front of them. It will likely get you hired if everything goes according to the plan.

How Does LinkedIn Generate Revenue?

Briefly, the platform makes money mainly from three sources. They provide corporate recruiting departments of big companies with access to employees through its LinkedIn Recruiter product. It generates revenue by displaying ads of different companies and through premium subscriptions.

How To Make Money By Blogging On LinkedIn?

Last but not the least, many writers want to know about how to make money on LinkedIn through blogging?

So, here is the true answer. You cannot monetize your blog on LinkedIn as bloggers do through Google Adsense. There is no such thing as LinkedIn monetization, but you can make money on LinkedIn if you share your blogs on LinkedIn and advertise them in the same way you do Facebook and Twitter advertising. If people open your article post on LinkedIn, they will be redirected to your blog. You can get sales lead and many other advantages.

Wrapping It Up

So we did not tell you about how to make money on LinkedIn, but we did tell you how to make money through LinkedIn. Your ultimate goal is to make connections with employers, customers, and prospects which lead to business.

You cannot make money on LinkedIn, but you can become an expert in your filed, access your target segment easily, build a brand from the comfort of your office, so all these activities are likely to lead you towards real revenue.

We shared different methods of earning through LinkedIn. If you have any points about other techniques and strategies everyone should consider on LinkedIn, then do not shy in sharing them with us. We will appreciate the virtue.

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