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12 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin!

12 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

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12 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin!

All of us have been hearing the term ‘cryptocurrency’ these days. The digitization and digitalization of procedures and businesses have created the need to develop some digital currency as well to ensure secure transactions. Bitcoin is the pioneering form of cryptocurrency that is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Though we can also see some altcoins (bitcoin alternatives) developed recently, bitcoins have their own value among the masses. For the tech freaks and the brainy economists, the rapidly rising cost of bitcoins appears as an excellent opportunity to make money online with bitcoin today.

What Is The Benefit Of Struggling For Bitcoins?

As said above, bitcoins are the first practical implementation of the actual concept behind cryptocurrency. The idea is to make monetary transactions safe and secure. Whereas, the decentralized control of bitcoins rule out the deliberate chances of inflation, as opposed to the present currency which is controlled by a single authority (such as the banking sector). It hints towards the fact that bitcoins will surely gain more value with the passage of time. The possible advantages associated with the adaptation of bitcoins have compelled the masses worldwide to accept the status of this currency as the ‘currency of the future’. Thus, everyone seems to be in a race to earn bitcoin fast online to secure a lump sum for the years to come.

During the past few years, bitcoins didn’t receive much appreciation. But as people became aware of it, they began accepting it for their routine transactions. The rapid shift towards bitcoin mining online hence raised the individual bitcoin cost too. The currency, which was previously auctioned as 10,000 bitcoins for $50, now costs more than USD 5000. Consequently, it now appears as an easy method to make money online with bitcoin for a secured future.

How To Make Money Online With Bitcoin?

12 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

The rapidly increasing costs of bitcoins bring forth high chances of earning money with minimum efforts. You just have to learn those particular methods that make you earn bitcoins fast online. Remember, the more you earn today, the better it will be for your future.

Wondering how would you that? Well, in this article you will find some exciting online ways to earn bitcoin. Read along to know the details about what these methods are.

1. Launch Your Own Bitcoin Information Site

It is rather a passive method to make money online with bitcoin, but still, you are making money ‘because’ of bitcoin! To be benefited from this strategy, you are supposed to exploit the rising public interest in bitcoins by providing an instant source of information to them. You can launch a website dedicated to providing all related details regarding bitcoins to the visitors. The information should be attractive enough to drive more traffic towards the site. Whereas, you will earn money online through the ads and affiliate links placed on your site. Though the process is a bit time-consuming, it guarantees to benefit you in the long run.

2. Join A Bitcoin Faucet

bitcoin faucet

A bitcoin faucet is also a website allocated to bitcoins only. But it is different from the method stated above in a way that here, you directly earn bitcoin online. Besides earning money themselves through the ads, bitcoin faucet websites share a small percentage of their revenue with the users. Moreover, these faucets also give free small chunks of bitcoins to the new users. You just need to register yourself on the site with your bitcoin address to get started. By going through the ads, and playing some online games, you can earn small shares of bitcoins every minute. Some of the popular faucets to make money online with bitcoin include Moon Bitcoin and BTCclicks.

3. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Ever wondered where you would store all your earned bitcoins? Why not get a ‘bitcoin wallet’?

Well, you can’t purchase a physical wallet for this purpose. But yes, some online amenities are serving as bitcoin wallets. and Coinbase are the two of such online wallets that allow you to store, and exchange bitcoins. Although they are handy wallets (having mobile versions of the sites too), a somewhat more secure method to store bitcoins is using some offline service, such as ‘Trezor’. (You can also consider these offline services as ‘cold wallets’.)

Once you are registered with a bitcoin wallet, you can get multiple addresses designated for bitcoin exchange. Now you don’t need to share your physical address with anyone to get money; a bitcoin address will suffice to make money online with bitcoin exchange.

4. Generate Bitcoins Leveraging Your Skills

Another fast and easy method to make money online with bitcoin is to leverage your freelance skills. If you are an expert content writer or are adept at web coding, then all you should do is to find out those websites that pay you back in bitcoins. And there you go!

By writing blogs, articles, or doing a bit of coding, you can swiftly earn your reward as bitcoins. Coinality and Bitgigs are the examples of such platform for freelancers.

5. Exchanging Goods and Products For Bitcoins

Remember that barter system where you just swapped things for trading, instead of buying them for money? Well, you can now earn bitcoins in exchange of your goods. We don’t use the word ‘sell’ here since you won’t be getting real money for now. Nevertheless, in future, when you would have sufficient bitcoins to use, you might say that you actually sold your things for bitcoins.

There are several online platforms which allow trading products for bitcoins, including Purse and Bitify. These websites work in a similar pattern as that of the other online selling websites such as eBay. The only alteration here is that you will get bitcoins instead of real money for the products.

You can also try your luck on some other websites which have started accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment. For instance, is one such platform where you may get bitcoins for selling your product.

6. Take Part In Bitcoin Gambling

Well, the term ‘gamble’ says it all. If you are lucky, then you are sure to earn a large sum of bitcoins at once through gambling. There are several websites, including bitcoin faucets that serve as bitcoin casinos too.

Bitcoin Gamble

Are you interested in gambling to make money online with bitcoin? Here we name a few online bitcoin casinos for you to try your luck.

7. Attempt and Complete Bitcoin Microtasks

Completing microtasks offered by various apps and bitcoin affiliates is yet another exciting and fast method to earn bitcoin money. CoinBucks and Bitcoin Reward are the famous bitcoin affiliates which provide different quick tasks to be completed for bitcoins. To avail this opportunity, get yourself registered at these platforms, and start taking the simple tasks. You may be asked to watch ads and videos, testing apps, or to fill out market surveys.

Another quick method exploiting a similar technique to generate bitcoin is Bituro. It’s a handy smartphone app offering points upon completion of the tasks that you can redeem as bitcoins.

8. Lend A Few Bitcoin Loans and Gain More As Interest

Investing your bitcoins in peer-to-peer loans is a risky, but profitable way to earn more money. You can lend loans to various entrepreneurs and startup firms on the same conditions as applied for regular loans. In this way, you will not only help those people who face difficulties in getting their loans approved from the banks, but will also generate high-interest returns. If you are wondering where you would find such a platform, then visit BitBond – a dedicated site for bitcoin loans.

9. Mining Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is a term heard by everyone familiar with bitcoins. Bitcoin mining online is undoubtedly the oldest way to make money online with bitcoin. Yet, it is really not suitable for the beginners as it involves playing with multifaceted computer algorithms.

bitcoin mining

In a nutshell, bitcoin mining is all about solving complex mathematical algorithms to empower the bitcoin network to keep functioning. In return, you also receive some bitcoins as a reward.

The method was previously easy, and people could use their home PCs to solve these algorithms. However, as more and more miners get involved, the algorithms become more complicated. Thus compelling you to use sophisticated machines for bitcoin mining.

If you are nervous to get involved in mining bitcoins yourself, you can contribute your share to keep the mining hardware running via online mining pools. BTCC, AntPool, and SlushPool are common mining pools particularly motivating the beginners.

10. Bitcoin Cloud Mining

A more advanced form of bitcoin mining is the cloud mining. It involves bitcoin mining via cloud datacenters with processing powers. These mining datacenters allow the individual users to carry on their mining activities without indulging themselves in complicated mining hardware management. You are not reliant on any mining hardware, software, or other complex conditions over here. Nevertheless, cloud mining requires you to make a small investment. It is a slow and low-cost bitcoin mining method that is suitable for the beginners and the low-budget investors. Genesis Mining is one such platform offering cloud bitcoin mining to the users across the world.

11. Join LocalBitcoins To Become A Market Marker is a wonderful online platform for trading bitcoins for authorized currencies. Whether you buy bitcoins through this site, or sell yours to others, in either case, you make money online. Just signup with your bitcoin address on, create an advert for selling bitcoins with a bid, and restock your bitcoin wallet on site. When the buyer purchases your bitcoins and remits the due purchase cost, you get an SMS alert. Your bitcoins then get transferred from your bitcoin wallet to the escrow. After the confirmation of the payment, the buyer receives bitcoins from the escrow to his LocalBitcoin wallet.

12. Day-Trade Bitcoins

day-trade bitcoin

Day-trading is a popular procedure in the financial market to earn money. The same strategy applied for day-trading fiat currencies is now applicable for bitcoins too. You buy bitcoins when the prices are low, and resell them when the costs are inflated. The only thing you should deal with is to keep a check on the headlines for bitcoins. Any good or bad news can cause a sudden rise or a random drop in the cost of bitcoins. Though the method is risky, if you are smart enough to leverage this tactic, you are sure to seamlessly make money online with bitcoin day-trades.

Final Word

If you are skeptical about the importance of bitcoins, then let us tell you that, today, several corporate giants have begun accepting bitcoins as a regular means of online money transactions. Microsoft, PayPal, Dish Network are just a few of the various businesses recognizing bitcoins. The growing popularity and the rising costs hint towards a much higher price of a single bitcoin in the years to come. Hence, to ensure having enough money for the future, now is the right time to earn bitcoin online.

In this article, we have listed out some effective ways to earn money online via bitcoins. You can opt for any of these methods, whichever appears to be the best way to earn bitcoins to you. If you could come up with some more ideas to generate online money via bitcoins, feel free to share with us.

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