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6 Superb Ways To Make Money Online With Freelance Writing!

make money online with freelance writing

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6 Superb Ways To Make Money Online With Freelance Writing!

6 Superb Ways To Make Money Online With Freelance Writing!

Making money online is now becoming a trend among the people since you can earn a lot by working in the comfort of your homes. There literally is a plethora of ways through which you can make good cash. With each passing day, the scope of online professionals is becoming wider. Hence, we can see a rapid turnover towards the online jobs. One such way that is enchanting people from around the world to earn money online is freelance writing. As we always come up with some new ideas for you to generate online money easily, today, we are going to discuss how you can make money online with freelance writing.

Is Freelance Writing Profitable?

Since ancient times, writing is something that is always needed, regardless of whichever niche you are working in. Whether it is about technology, medical sciences, environmental studies, fine arts, business and financing, nutrition, fiction, and novels, or any other niche, a writer is always needed to create engaging content that attracts readers. Previously, when people used to prefer writing with a pen and paper, freelance writing was in practice even at that time. In fact, it has always been one of the most paid jobs since the beginning. People then used to write for newspapers and magazines. Later on, with the advancements in technology, people moved towards computers (MS Word, being the most popular writing software). Still, freelance writing is being practised. In fact, is adapted massively since the internet has opened up new opportunities to make money online with freelance writing.

Likewise, it continues to be one of the most paying jobs in the internet world. Therefore, people can now easily leverage their skill to make money writing online articles.

Best Ways To Make Money Online With Freelance Writing

After hearing a lot about the pros of working as a freelance writer, and the financial benefits attributed to this niche, you may be attracted towards adopting this career as your profession. You may have impeccable vocabulary and apt writing skills and are entirely eligible to establish yourself as a passionate freelance writer. But how would you proceed to achieve this goal?

We know that our readers approach us to get some quick and productive tips to earn easy cash. Hence, we always try to research the best ways that could help our readers earn more in lesser duration. This time, we have brought with us the best ways of how to get paid to write online.

1. Become A Blogger

The first and the foremost way which most of you might have heard about is blogging. Leveraging your writing skills to set up your own blog is the best way to make money online with freelance writing. In fact, besides money, setting up a blog is also an excellent way to build up a portfolio. Just by using your writing skills, you can run a blog by uploading fresh content on a daily basis. The more the content is engaging, the more will be the traffic on your blog, hence generating more money.

To create a blog, you just have to upload engaging content, along with including some other attractive options that catch the attention of the readers, such as, a ‘hire me’ button that can allow the visitors to hire your services if they like your writing style. Similarly, you can include an ‘about us/about me’ section in which you can write a bit about yourself so that your readers would know you better. If you get hired, then your blog is giving you a plus!

2. Be A Copywriter

Regardless of whatever website you visit, you will always see some content uploaded over there. Ever wondered where did this content come from? It is where the role of a copywriter comes into play. Product descriptions, press releases, website content, all these write-ups come under the category of web copywriting. If you have been a web writer for some time, then web copywriting could be the desirable niche for you to make money online with freelance writing.

Copywriting is rather a different niche of writing, and it has been transformed from its typical ‘hard sell’ tone towards a more logically persuasive one. Therefore, if you have the power to convince others, then copywriting can prove to be really fruitful for you. However, if you doubt your convincing skills, then it is better to learn these tactics prior attempting on copywriting. Nevertheless, sooner or later, this niche is definitely going to pay you off.

3. Write Guest Posts And Articles

The other way to earn money online, besides launching your own blog, is to get paid to write articles at home by providing your services to the other blogs and magazines. In today’s content-driven world, there is a myriad of services pooling in new content to the internet world each day. However, to satisfy the daily goals of content publishing, these services need many writers who can deliver engaging articles. Hence, you get another opportunity to write articles for money.

You can try approaching various blogs for submitting guest posts, or you can go for consumer magazines related to your expertise. Working as a freelancer for both the services will indeed help you to make money online with freelance writing.

4. Opt For Online Article Writing Jobs

Online jobs have brought with them a plethora of exciting opportunities that allow you to leverage your writing skills for earning online money. For instance, there are several blogs that are ready to hire you as a full-time freelance writer. Similarly, you can join virtual magazines and other firms dealing with content publishing. These jobs may pay you a little in the beginning. However, once you are established, you not only earn more money, but can also build up a rapport with a particular blog or magazine as a regular contributor. Thus they help you create a strong portfolio too. By doing such online jobs, you can avail the comfort of earning money just by handling the entire writing work from home.

5. Take Part In Writing Contests

Time to time, several writing contests are being held offering great prizes. These contests are usually open for all. Mostly, they do not specify any particular criteria for the participants. In fact, anyone having good writing skills can enter into these competitions and may try his luck to win amazing rewards. The prizes may vary from a lump sum amount to a farm. As regards the cash, some contests can let you win up to $15000, whereas you may also win smaller cash prizes such as $500, $750, $1000 or even $5000. Continuing with the tips to make money online with freelance writing, here we mention some famous and credible writing contests in which you can participate to earn instant cash.

6. Be A Self-Publish Book Author

Self-publishing a book is something we all once desired. However, not everyone dares to self-publish a book, particularly when it comes to creating the best-sellers. Earlier, there weren’t enough resources. Moreover, it was also considered a sign of vanity to self-publish a book. However, you can now self-publish your book and can even make it a best-seller. Thanks to Amazon and Kindle, you can enjoy writing and self-publishing your books, and can also earn much revenue if they become the best-sellers.

For a successful book publishing venture, you just have to have authorpreneurial thinking. That is, you should carefully choose the niche of your writing, and the topic, after analyzing the demand of the subject among the public like an author. Then, you need to identify the market opinion and requirements regarding the niche from an entrepreneurial point of view. In the beginning, you might have to struggle a bit to get your publication correctly indexed, and to make it attractive for the readers. Hence, you may experience somewhat lower sales. However, once you are established as an author with multiple books, each work of yours will pay you back.

The best part of adapting self-publishing of books as a full-time freelance writing online work is that you have the chances to earn back from your older publications. In this way, you will have a plus in your regular earnings.

Are You Ready?

The best thing about freelance writing is that you are given the liberty to express whatever you feel at whatever time you like. Freelance writers also remain protected from the haunting condition ‘writer’s block’, which most of the other writers commonly suffer.  Hence, you can enjoy earning easy money by leveraging your skill and utilizing your leisure time. That is why the trend of doing content writing jobs from home is becoming popular.

In this article, we have strived to come up with the most useful ways of writing online for money. You may try one or more of these to earn some extra cash. The ratio of your earning depends entirely on the input of time and efforts from your side. Remember, none of these options will win you a million right away. However, with constant hard work and skill improvements, you are sure to make more money from freelance writing as compared to what you make from your regular job. Good luck!

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