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4 Super Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Leaving Your Computer ON

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4 Super Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Leaving Your Computer ON

4 Super Easy Ways To Make Money Online By Leaving Your Computer ON

Suspicious as it sounds, but there really are ways to make money online when your computer is on, but you are not doing any work. This is not about recycling or playing games, but it is actually about making money online while your PC is turned on and you walk away. Here are a few ways to make money online with a turned on the computer.


1. Slicify – Easy Way to Make Money Online

Using software developed by Slicify, you will be able to set up a partitioned Linux Virtual Machine on your computer. This implies that other people can run programs on your computer without infringing any protection or security, without even touching your personal data and programs installed on your PC. The phenomenon is called distributed computing.

Once you install the software, just keep your computer turned on. If something happens that requires technical support, their customer support is quite impressive to take you out of the problem. Many people would think the software might not be secure enough to protect all your valuable data present on the system. To eradicate this, you can install tools like Virtual Box Hypervisor provided by Oracle.

To make money online and get paid, you need to simply set up a PayPal account. The company pays about 2 cents to 4.6 dollars an hour depending on the capacity and need of the PC. On referrals, some commission is also granted.

2. Gomez PEER

For home users, this is one of the most famous distributed computing software available in the market. Just download the setup and start to make money online instantly. More than 0.1 million computers are making money online with this service. The sign-up process is free of cost and very easy to complete.

3. Digital / Coin Generation

Just as the other two, this tool also requires you to sign up and install their software. The program runs smoothly in the background when you do your everyday work.

4. MQL 5 – Distributed Cloud Network

Have you ever thought how much time your computer remains idle? In this time, you can make money online. You can sell your computer to this software just like the prior ones and don’t hesitate to make money online.

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