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Make Money By Watching YouTube Videos with Paid2Youtube

make money with youtube

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Make Money By Watching YouTube Videos with Paid2Youtube

Paid2Youtube is a platform where you can make money with YouTube by viewing its videos. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, this is your best chance to earn money through it. The place also encourages you to advertise your own channel or product through these videos. So, it is an equally beneficial website for both people looking for more traffic and trying to make money with YouTube.

How To Make Money With YouTube

With this website, it becomes very easy to make money with YouTube as the joining process is simple enough. Every new member receives a 5 cent bonus for sign up and can make 0.005 cents for every video that is viewed. There are also other activities to make money from, including making comments which earn you 10 cents each, rating videos which give 1 cent and for subscribing which adds 15 cents to the account. Referrals are just another way to make money with YouTube. Referrals can also be rented out for a time of 30 days and the costs are as follows:

  • 5 referrals for $2.53
  • 35 referrals for $12.45
  • 100 referrals for $35.56

If you intend to advertise using Paid2Youtube, you are free to do it without signing up for an account. There are five basic options for advertisements to choose from namely cheap ads, ratings, comments, subscribers and video views. 100 video views are available for 2 dollars, subscribers are available for 4.50 dollars and comments are available from 3.50 dollars for 10 comments. Ratings start from 4.50 dollars for 100 ratings and cheap ads cost 3 dollars for every 1000 views.

At present, there are more than 0.1 million members associated with Paid2Youtube to make money on YouTube and have earned more than 25,000 bucks from the website. All the payments are made via PayPal and the money takes a time of 7 days for processing payout. The website is reliable and one need not to worry before betting their money on it.

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