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20 Best And Free URL Shorteners That Pay Daily – Earn Money By Shrinking The Links

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20 Best And Free URL Shorteners That Pay Daily – Earn Money By Shrinking The Links

We have been witnessing the pros and cons of the internet and social media right after its introduction. However, no one can negate the fact that internet is the most straightforward gateway to earn money by sitting at home. So, as the title depicts, we are driving you towards the discussion of the best and free URL shorteners that pay daily.

20 Best And Free URL Shorteners That Pay Daily – Earn Money By Shrinking The Links

20 Best And Free URL Shorteners That Pay Daily – Earn Money By Shrinking The Links

Other than the URL shorteners, the internet provides you several opportunities to earn money. As we specifically write on the ways to make money online,  we have previously advised our visitors to earn online money by creating blogs, sell advertisement through Google AdSense and apply other methods. However, as we said above, there are various opportunities and chances to win on the internet. Blogs and freelancing are not the only methods to make online money.

So we will talk about the URL shorteners that pay daily. Yes, they are able to generate revenue for you!

Let Us Tell You About URLs First

Is it appropriate to jump towards URL shorteners before knowing about the URL first? Do you know the full form of URL? If you know, great! Otherwise, let us tell you – it is Uniform Resource Locator.

We will not dive into the definition of URL. The only thing you must know that URL is actually the web address you always type first on your browser to access any website. For example: For now, this information about URL is sufficient to begin our discussion!

Maybe We Are Here To Talk About URL Shorteners

As the word suggests, URL shorteners are the tools meant for shortening the URLs or links. By the help of a link shortener, you can convert a long URL into a short one. Basically, you can shrink those long URLs. So, we will tell you about those best and free URL shorteners that pay daily.

Clear The Confusion First

Before going ahead, we need to crystal clear one big confusion here. For shrinking and shortening the links or URLs, you do not need to have your personal blog. It is a bonus if you have one, but it is not necessary at all.

We research and read a lot before writing this topic. We saw people suggesting that you need to make a blog to earn money on short links, but it is not true.

Where To Go And Find The Best URL Shorteners That Pay Daily?

We are kidding; you do not need to worry about where to go and find those URL shorteners. We will tell you everything here.

Two Types Of URL Shorteners

There are basically two kinds of URL shorteners. One type only shortens the links without paying. Now, I am throwing away this idea to discuss them because you are not going to earm from them. The second type pays you for shortening the links. They just promote some promotional ads. The ads usually consist of five seconds, but they also have a choice to hop the ads.

So, in the second type, you just put any link on URL shortener, it shrinks your URL. Then you can share it wheresoever you like. If anyone clicks on your shortened link, then he or she will watch an ad for five seconds, after that the user will be directed to the real content. Although the user can leap that 5 seconds ad, but you will still earn.

Steps To Follow After Choosing The Best URL Shortener To Make Money

We are first discussing the steps you should follow to use any link shortener. After that, we will talk about the various URL shrinking platforms.

  1. First, you are required to sign up on your chosen URL shortener.
  2. Second, you are required to find a link of your preference and then shorten it.
  3. Third, copy and paste the shrunk link wherever you want, it is all up to you. (it can be any forum, blog, social media, or website)
  4. Fourth, there is no fourth step, that’s it.

Where Can You Put Those Links?

If you do not have a blog or website, then you do not require to worry. However, traffic is the key here and let me help you through some examples.

You can paste those links on Facebook pages, Facebook groups, your timeline, website, blogs, and YouTube comment section, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on many other places. The main idea is to give you an idea. You can paste a link anywhere you can comment.

Do You Have A Website Or  A Blog?

If you are running a blog or website which is gaining traffic, then you can also monetize your site or blog by using link shorteners. Monetizing is the soundest decision to share the link and earn through URL shortener. It can also become a replacement for ads if you do not have any. These link shorteners offer many features like Popup ads, Mask Shrinking, Interstitial ads, and Auto Page Script.

So, join one network among them, utilize services with a script of full page,  convert complete URL into a short a one. Now each visit per page will make money for you. You can earn more by opting to enter or exiting and pop up ads.

Payment Options

You can avail these payment methods if you use URL shorteners.

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Webmoney
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payza

Best URL Shorteners



It is the most admired and oldest URL shortener that pays daily. Users can shorten link here and post them on any social media platform. The company is legal and old, their payment evidence is significant. It pays around $4 to $10 on 1000 views. The payout rate is $5. They also offer referral scheme where you can easily get 20%. pays through PayPal. Furthermore, the great thing is that they spend on a daily base.


It is a URL shortener and promotional platform that pays. The features are amazing. For instance, it can monitor how many times the same person has viewed the links. So, you can check the overall status and performance of your URLs.

It pays around $5 on 1000 views. While, at a minimum, gives $1.5 on 1000 views. The payment methods are Payza and PayPal. pays on every 1st and 15th of each month. The commission for referral is 20%.


You can call it best, but is a new player that pays. has many innovative and creative ideas to offer services for earning money and promoting. It is quite user-friendly. You just have to click ‘Skip’ button to get redirected to the desired URL. You can also monetize your own blog through Only if you are using a WordPress CMS.

It also has affiliation programs. will pay you around $4 to $15 on thousand views. They even pay a commission of 20% in their referral plan. Their payment methods are Payoneer and PayPal. The minimum payout is $20 in Payoneer and $5 in PayPal. They pay you on the 10th day of the month.

4. Linkshrink.Net


New but trusted one in this area. It is one of the best URL shorteners that pay daily. They offer custom URLs too. You can replace the skipping ad message from ‘Skip ad” to “Press this button to read” etc.

However, it pays less than and by paying around $2 to $5 on 1000 views. It depends on country and traffic. The withdrawal rate is $5 minimum. They also have a referral system for which you can avail $25. You could earn around 10% through their referral scheme. Their payment methods are PayPal, Bitcoin, and Payza.


It is one of the highest paying URL shorteners famous for its payout of $12 on 1000 visits. You can shrink your links and earn money by sharing through blogs, forums, and social media. The payment methods are Payza and PayPal. The payout is minimum $5. pay on every month 1st date and 15th date of each month. Like others, they also offer referral commission up to 20%. Anyone can earn through this without prior knowledge of technical things.



The Linkbucks is one of the other best URL shorteners to make money. They are here for around 13 years in the business. According to the stats, they have spent around $1.2 million for promotions. Furthermore, you can promote your product and services through It is giving competition to The shortening channels offer payment, mostly for unique and different traffic, but it pays for overall traffic.

The payment rate is around $0.6 to $7 on 1000 views. The payout is minimum $10. They pay approximately 20% through referral scheme. Their payment method is Payoneer, Payza, and PayPal.


One of the best among the best ones. The platform pays, and its users are increasing because the interface and features are fantastic. You can generate money up to $2.8 on 1000 views. The withdrawal is $5 minimum, and the payment method is PayPal.


Another money making thing through URL shrinking. It gives you answers on asking how to make money without paying? The rate depends on country to country. They pay $2 to $10 on 1000 views.

They offer you various subscription tools. The essential is available for free and advanced one is premium. It also offers a commission of 20% through referral scheme.

The withdrawal methods are Payoneer, Payza, and PayPal. Minimum Payout is $20 via Payoneer and $1 through Payza and PayPal.


Another in the list of best URL shorteners that pay daily. You can make your shrink URL through your account and then spread it on websites, blogs, and social media. You can earn up to $2 to $3 on 1000 views. You do not need any technical expertise to use it. Registration is free. Like others, they also have the referral plan. The withdrawal methods are Wire Transfer, Vodafone, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, and PayPal. They follow in terms of paying every day.

10. Link-Earn


Another one in URL Shorteners that pay daily. Their payouts depend on a regional basis. However, you can check the withdrawal rates on their website. It also offers multiple features like API integration, mass shrinking, quick links, and scripting of full-page. Apart from those services, you can even get a commission through referral plan. They pay you through Bitcoin, Payza, and PayPal. All in all, it is quite an excellent platform.

11. (18+ Links)

The platform offers shortening links service for adult URLs. If you need to promote and advertise URLs for adult content viewers then this is the platform, you should go for it.

The payout rate is $5 minimum per month. Admy has multiple tools such as mass shrinking and page scripting. It seems the best link shrinking platform for adult links that pay. The referral scheme gives you 15% commission. It pays around $2 to $5 on 1000 views.


Adhy is one of the best URL shorteners that pay. The interface is aesthetic and user-friendly. It gives you real-time stats and insights. No need to target unique traffic every time because will pay you for many visits by the very same person.

It also offers numerous tools such as page script, mass link shortening, and URL protection. You can also promote your adult URLs here; it has a separate feature for it. The payout is minimum $5, and the withdrawal methods are Payza and PayPal. The withdrawal depends from region to region.

It pays you around $2 to $10 on 1000 views. It pays instantly, and you can also get 20% commission through referral scheme, and the scheme will remain valid for the whole lifespan.

They also provide some excellent publisher services. One of them is mass link shrinker; you can shorten maximum of 20 links. Another one has linked protector; in this tool, you can hide your URL from bots. The last, but not the least, is the tool JS Page Script; you can shorten every link existing on the website or blog.


It pays too, like the above ones and the subsequent ones. Earn here by producing short links. They offer multiple features which are blended with it, and they have numerous services. You can also join this platform for free, but the advanced registration will provide you premium plans. However, if you want to test only, then no need to worry because you can upgrade it whenever you want. You can also place your custom ads and affiliate products here. So, being a premium and the advanced user is advisable. They offer reasonable rates on sharing links.

Like many other, you can also get a commission of around $5 through referral scheme. The more exciting thing is that if ever you referral upgrades to premium account then you will earn approximately $25.

14. URLCash


URLCash also pays you for shortening the links. It is one of the best URL shorteners that pay daily. It allows you to generate scripts that can be converted into a simple link and result in making money. If you have any website or blog, then this platform is for you. It has many features, and the best thing is that they pay daily to those publishers who have got website or blog.

15. CoinURL


Another name in the URL shorteners that pay daily. Have you read any platform on this article which does not pay? Anyway, they also offer ads in different formats like banner ads and interstitial ads. The site is ideal for bloggers and the webmasters. We must say that their referral scheme is beneficial than most of the other platforms. It has many integrated features to explore.


Following the CPA scheme. It provides you services for link locking and link shortening. is somehow the best on the list of URL shorteners that pay daily. They pay on the basis of visitors actions not on impression. They pay you $10 for each lead generation.

The commission is five percent on referral scheme. It will pay you $0.80 to $10 on 1000 views. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. The referral plan is low if compared to the above ones. The payment methods are Bank Transfer, Skrill, and Payza.


The modern and the best shortener which pays and helps you in earning online. It will pay you $4 on 1000 views. The commission is 10% on referral scheme. The withdrawal rate is 10%. You can also see real-time stats and insights of the links shared by you. They give several tools, like Mass link shrinker and Easy links. They pay through PayPal.

18. Spaste


It is a storage website or Pastebin. It a kind of WebApp, the user can store a plain text here. Definitely, it is also one of the URL shorteners that pay daily. You can earn here through short URLs on daily basis and share valuable content.

It pays on a daily basis or whenever you request. It gives around $6 on 1000 views. The commission rate is 5% on referral bonus. The withdrawal method is PayPal, and you can also track the stats and insights.


The link shrinking platform pays you $4.5 on 1000 views each. Just make money through this platform by sharing the links on different social media sites. They offer a commission of 10% on referral scheme. The withdrawal amount is $5 minimum. They pay through Webmoney, Payza, Payoneer, and PayPal. You can receive your payment at the end of every week. One of the best URL shortener that pays daily.

20. Binbucks


Like Spaste, it is a link shortener and a Pastebin. The rates are high. You can maximize your earning through its tools. It gives many add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can make around $7 on 1000 views. If you are a publisher, then they will pay you on your request, or you can get your payment on a daily basis. Binbucks assist you in tracking your performance and audience. They pay through PayPal, and you can earn around 20% commission through referral scheme.

Wrapping It Up

That’s it. These are the 20 best free URL shorteners that pay daily. We are reinforcing this after a lot of research and observation that they are the best 20 platforms. So, is there anything important to wait? Do not waste any time and join URL shrinking if you want to earn through the internet without putting any of your capital.

If you are using any of these platforms then must tell us about your experience on it. It will help our readers as well. Also, you can share this article if you have anyone on your mind who should read this. Happy shrinking and shortening!

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